Best Left Handed Acoustic Guitars: 2021 Best Picks

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    The acoustic guitar is one of the most rewarding instruments to play. The reason is that there are no electronics involved, the player is directly connected to the music that they make. However, since there are so many different acoustic guitar makers and brands out there. finding the right one for you can be a tough challenge.

    If you’re left-handed, then things become even more difficult. And to find one of the best left-handed acoustic guitars you really need some information. That’s why, in this article, we’ll be showing you some of the best left-handed acoustic guitars to make your decision a little bit easier.

    Best Left-Handed Acoustic Guitars Reviews and Comparison Chart

    We’ll be giving you all the information you need to know about these guitars. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the best left-handed acoustic guitars that you can find on the markets to find the perfect one for you.

    Fender American Acoustasonic Telecaster


    The American Acoustasonic Telecaster is the embodiment of the purposeful kind of innovation that Fender was built on. This powerful guitar uses an innovative Fishmen and Fender-designed acoustic engine. Its acoustic shape-changing to electric rhythm tones delivers a new expression of sound from the stage to the studio.


    The hollow body, which is inspired by the Telecaster, features natural resonance and volume with more than enough projection to support itself. This means that this instrument will sound excellent both on your lap and during a live stage performance. This makes it quite versatile. You’ll be able to use it in a variety of settings, not just strumming around in your room.

    Fishman and Fender-designed the acoustic engine that powers the Acoustasonic Telecaster. It delivers a collection of electric and acoustic tones that are curated to suit any specific taste. The size of this guitar is the same as a regular Telecaster, though it is much lighter. It has enough power to produce a variety of tones that are only available on expensive guitars.

    When you pick up this guitar, you will realize that it offers unique comfort that many other guitars cannot replicate. Even the ones on the more expensive end of the spectrum. The neck is made of mahogany, with a gorgeous ebony fretboard and well-polished frets.

    While the factory setup is great, you can still lower the action to improve your results. Moving down and up the fretboard is effortless, so you’ll be able to create clear tones without any hassle. This is also a great slide guitar. One minor issue you may face when playing this guitar is its lack of tone control.

    As it has a pristine magnetic sound, the guitar doesn’t have the depth of the neck pickup voice. There is an organic, unique feel to the voice of this guitar, and the various material that it is made from delivering all that it promises. Even when you’ve been playing for hours, this guitar can stay in tune, making it perfect for practicing and performing. so,


    • The acoustic engine provides 10 different body styles
    • Mod knob to blend and select voices
    • Three pickup systems
    • Integrated forearm contour
    • The stringed instrument resonance system


    • Quiet sound – better when connected to an amp

    Pyle Left Handed Classical Acoustic Guitar Kit


    If you have a child who is looking to learn how to play guitar, and they are left-handed, then this may just be the perfect gift for them. It is a ¾-size guitar, meaning it is slightly smaller than a regular acoustic guitar, which makes it perfect for younger children. They won’t have to stretch their hands and fingers to move around the fretboard.


    Like we mentioned above, this is one of the best left-handed acoustic guitars for younger musicians because it is ¾ of the size of a standard acoustic guitar. This means that both the body and the fretboard are shorter. which makes it easier to strum and pick the strings, as well as move the fingers around the fretboard.

    Often, parents will buy their kids a standard acoustic guitar as their first introduction to the instrument. which often leads to frustration and despondency when it comes to learning. Younger children have smaller hands, so they can’t be as dextrous on the fretboard and can’t stretch their hands to the different chord shapes.

    As it is smaller than the standard guitar, which makes it easier for kids to play. This guitar helps alleviate those problems. The body is small, and the guitar is lighter as well, meaning that it won’t feel heavy in your young one’s hands.

    The top wood is made from select spruce, while the back and sides are made from catalpa wood. The neck is made from mahogany wood, which is a common choice when it comes to acoustic guitars. While this is a kids’ guitar, it still has the professional look and feels that will encourage them to be more dedicated and diligent in their practice.

    Of course, the Pyle Lefty wouldn’t be on this list if it wasn’t a left-handed guitar. Having your left-handed child try to learn to play an instrument that is meant for right-handed players will only lead to frustration and lack of motivation. so, yeah this could be one of the best left-handed acoustic guitars for your child.


    • Made for smaller hands
    • Available in two colors
    • Select spruce top wood
    • Chrome hardware
    • Diecast tuner


    • Not suitable for adult players

    Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat

    The Tim Armstrong Hellcat was designed by its namesake, who is the founder of Rancid, once of the most influential US punk bands ever. As a songwriter, Tim was always turning to his trusted Fender concert-style acoustic when he needed inspiration, and the Hellcat was based on that iconic guitar.


    This is a fantastic acoustic guitar that just screams punk rock. If you are a fan of Rancid, then this design will be familiar to you. The appointments on this budget-friendly instrument are exactly the same as those found on the Hellcat that Armstrong himself used in his band days.

    The instrument boasts a smaller body, making it quite a bit more comfortable to hold when compared to other, larger concert models, especially if you are a beginner. It should be no surprise that, with its dark grain, the Hellcat is an all-mahogany instrument with laminated wood at the sides and back and solid wood at the top.

    Other than its good looks, the Hellcat offers some other great features. It is an electronic acoustic, meaning that this iconic model features a popular and respected system from Fishman, called the Isys III. It comes with an active preamp onboard and boasts 3-Band EQ and volume controls.

    The preamp also has a nifty built-in tuner, which is not only essential for beginners but for experienced players, as well. With its solid top, the all-mahogany build allows this guitar to produce a rich, true, and warm tone that will be very pleasing to your ear.

    Even though it is a smaller instrument, the Hellcat’s acoustic projection is great, and thanks to the bracing pattern, it has more than enough resonance. With the Fishman system of tones, the sound is very organic and you can alter it quite a bit using the onboard controls.

    This is a perfect mid-level guitar, and both beginners and professionals alike will find some use for it. There’s also something to be said about its background and history. This reason is more than enough for any dedicated guitar collector to pick it up.


    • Signature Tim Armstrong model
    • Natural all-mahogany finish
    • Hellcat double-skull inlay
    • Satin finish on maple neck looks attractive
    • Comfortable size and weight for longer sessions


    • Pricey compared to similar models

    Cordoba C5-CE CD Lefty Cutaway Acoustic

    This guitar is the left-handed version of Cordoba’s left-handed C5-Ce acoustic guitar. The back, neck, and sides are made from beautiful mahogany, making this a very visually appealing instrument.


    Unlike the previous Cordoba guitar on this list, the C5-CE is not specifically meant for young kids to play. It is a full-sized guitar, meaning that it is meant mostly for professionals and beginners who are teenagers or adults.

    This is the perfect guitar for picking some blues, strumming, or bluegrass flat-picking. It works well in group scenarios and is also great for recording and performing, making this a great, versatile, all-around guitar that anyone will enjoy using.

    The shape and size of this guitar are pretty standard, and for most people, it should feel quite comfortable to hold. It is a little on the lighter side of things, so if you are a smaller human being, then you should have no trouble with picking up, playing, and carrying around this guitar.

    The top wood is made from unique, solid Sitka spruce wood, which gives it a beautiful, uncommon look that is very pleasing to the eyes. Like many other standard guitars, the back and sides are made from mahogany. Unlike many other standard guitars, the bracing features a unique Cathedral Peaked Scalloped-X.

    The guitar is made in the traditional dreadnought shape, which is the shape that most people think of when they imagine an acoustic guitar. This is the ideal shape for beginners, as it provides ample support for the picking and strumming arm. It also fits comfortably on the lap.

    This is a left-handed guitar, so if you are not a lefty, then you definitely shouldn’t purchase this instrument. It’s only available in one color – natural, – which isn’t a major problem, but it might be a bit of a letdown for anyone looking for a more unique style. On the plus side, the guitar does come with a chrome diecast tuner, which is essential for players of all skill levels.


    • Dreadnought body shape
    • Suitable for all skill levels
    • Sitka spruce top
    • Chrome diecast tuner is effective
    • Suitable for performing and recording


    • Only available in one color

    Fender CC-60SCE Concert

    If you need a fantastic concert guitar, then look no further. This is definitely one of the most convenient guitars ever to exist when it comes to on-stage use and concert performances. There are plenty of features that we could use to describe this guitar as good, so let’s just get into the review.


    The performance of this guitar is perhaps the best representation of its value. It can produce an incredible quality of sound while still being comfortable and easy to play on. Moving about the fretboard is a breeze.

    Other than that, it is one of the most elegant-looking instruments out there. This beautiful guitar brings a professional and serious touch to any musician. It lets you play the instrument for a long time without feeling fatigued or uncomfortable.

    This instrument is made from premium wooden materials that directly contribute to its overall value and quality. The top, which is made from solid spruce, increases its volume and adds a crisp, authentic sound to this guitar’s tone.

    The back and side of the guitar are also made from the same premium materials. It is also certified for its comfort and durability. Perhaps the best feature that this guitar has is its neck, which is extremely easy to play with. The neck design is made to offer good playability to any musician. It allows you to play your favorite songs for longer without becoming uncomfortable.


    • Low profile preamp/pickup
    • Mahogany sides and back
    • The neck is easy to play – great for starting out
    • Rolled fingerboard edges
    • Scalloped-X bracing


    • Not very budget-friendly for beginners

    Final Verdict

    The acoustic guitar is a great instrument to learn to play. And if you are a non-musician, then it is a great way to learn plenty of musical concepts and put them into practice. We hope that you have found this article useful and that you’ll be able to go out there and purchase the perfect instrument for yourself. Happy strumming!

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