Best Acoustic Guitars for Worship to Buy in 2021

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    The acoustic guitar is a core part of any worship band. It gives the music that intimate, soulful sound that brings the band and the worshippers that much closer to God, and it allows for some extreme versatility in the music that is played. Let’s know more about the best acoustic guitars for worship.

    Unfortunately, with thousands and thousands of acoustic guitars on the market today, finding the best one to add to your worship band can be quite difficult. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best acoustic guitars for worship.

    We’ll be giving you all the information you need to know about the top and best acoustic guitars for worship options present out there, so keep reading to help you find the perfect acoustic guitar for your worship sessions.

    Best Acoustic Guitars for Worship Reviews and Comparison Chart

    Fender Redondo Classic

    Fender has been creating acoustic guitars for quite a while, and they are one of the most popular guitar brands out there. The brand has recently upped its game in the acoustic guitar department, and the Redondo Classic is proof of this. This guitar sets the bar far higher than any previous Fender acoustic, and it’s a great addition to any professional collection.


    Fender added a few compelling features to this instrument to appeal to more modern musicians who might be just starting out on the guitar, electric players who are expanding their horizons to the acoustic, and to players who just like the way these instruments look. With its flat-back finish that covers the back of the neck, the body, and the headstock, the Redondo looks like trouble.

    The rosette ring around the sound hole, in combination with the maple binding, is a loud addition that gives this guitar a photonegative aesthetic. Unfortunately, like many other guitars with black finishes, fingerprints tend to show up quite easily.

    With its lower bout, which is 16 inches, the Redondo is slightly wider than a dreadnought, but it delivers much of the response and feel that you’ve come to love from a standard acoustic. The basses are big and fill the ears, while the trebles sparkle, all drifting from a large body that pours out volume.

    The tone is strong in the lows and mids, giving the instrument an overall thick sound. Thanks to its large frets on the slender neck, this instrument feels quite similar to an electric guitar neck that’s been attached to an acoustic body.

    The feel is familiar, and you’ll find yourself coming back to this instrument time and time again, though it might take your fretting hand some time to get back to its electric roots if you are originally an electric player. The Fishman and Fender electronics system comes with a volume knob that is surrounded by smaller controls for the treble and bass, as well as a small screen for notch-filter and tuning controls.

    If you’re looking for an acoustic guitar for worship that visually stands out from the crowd, Fender’s Redondo might just be the one.


    • Unique body shape
    • Fishman preamp/pickup system
    • Deluxe gig bag included
    • Slim fretboard
    • Visually appealing


    • Expensive compared to similar guitars

    Gretsch G9520E Gin Rickey

    Parlor guitars are good fun to play – their small size makes them easy to hold, and their petite size makes it easy to pass around the campfire, backyard, or living room. Sometimes, it’s nice to have a guitar that you can ‘toss’ around without having to worry too much, and the Gin Rickey is one such guitar. This is also a good beginner’s instrument


    The Gin Rickey from Gretsch has a retro, minimalist look that is quite easy on the eyes. It comes in a matte black finish with a gold graphic outline at the top, as well as a cream-colored plastic background, a small ‘G’ logo, and an aged white binding.

    The headstock boasts a retro-style Gretsch logo and comes with open-gear tuners and plastic buttons that are the color of cream. Perhaps the coolest part of this guitar is the Pearloid and chrome Deltoluxe soundhole pickup that is a standard feature and is both figuratively and literally the center of attention on this instrument.

    It is important to discuss the acoustic sound of this guitar before talking about its amplified sound. It is easy to push out a surprising level of volume and responsive bass out of this small instrument. Notes produced sound even, but cowboy chords are where this instrument shines.

    As acoustic guitars for worship, the Gin Rickey would serve as a fantastic instrument to have lying around your house, but the guitar springs to life when you connect it to an amp. TheDeltoluxe pickup makes this instrument a secret weapon.

    Once given an electric charge, this instrument is able to change into a bluesy monster from its calm campfire form. At lower volumes, the acoustic frequency range is represented well and the tone is clear, with lots of treble and bass in the mix. When you crank the volume up, the pickup starts to sound. It sounds the best when pushing a small tube combination amp, where the tone can bloom in the midrange and develop into a sound that is less acoustic and more electric.


    • Deltoluxe pickup
    • Basswood body with X bracing
    • Vintage-style frets
    • Overall retro look offers an attractive appearance
    • Light and comfortable


    • ListElement
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    Fender CT-140SE

    For travelers, the Fender CT-140SE is one of the best guitars that the brand has ever made. It is a fantastic option for those who like to travel with their guitar wherever they go because both its shape and size are perfect for moving around. The guitar can fit into tight spaces, like your car and the luggage compartment of an airplane, making it very travel-friendly.


    The Fender CT-140SE is an acoustic-electric guitar that is great for both hobbyists and professionals alike. It features a pickup by Fishman Presys and the preamp system is made by them, as well, making everything easier for you as the player.

    The top of the guitar is made from solid spruce, meaning that the instrument has a very powerful and clear voice, allowing you to play in open areas without worrying too much about whether the volume is high enough or not. Even though this is a smaller guitar, it can produce a lot of sound.

    The sides and back of this instrument are made from rosewood, which has been laminated to give the guitar an elegant feel and look. It is a good choice for beginner musicians, as the neck is made of mahogany and it can be held with very little effort.

    As for the color, you can choose between Natural Wood and Sunburst. Personally, we prefer the Natural Wood because it has a cleaner look, but Sunburst is also a great option for those who are looking for something a bit more unique.

    Another great feature of this guitar is that it comes with a guitar case that is very well-made. It is much nicer than many of the other guitar cases that come with your guitars and is certainly better than those you’d pay twice the price for separately.

    The buckles on the case are nice and sturdy, and the lid strap has been secured properly, so you won’t have to worry about the guitar coming tumbling out of your case when you are traveling with it. Overall, this is a great choice for beginners due to its small size and portability.


    • Travel body style
    • Rosewood sides and back
    • Fishman Presys preamp/pickup
    • Neck is easy to play
    • Hardshell case included


    • May not be suitable for on-stage performances

    Traveler Guitar Redlands RC KE

    The Redlands guitar from Traveler Guitar features luxurious touches that distinguish it from other guitars on the market. The all-koa body creates a warm tone with a fantastic treble response. The body also has a beveled armrest that is not only functional but also gives the instrument a unique and visually appealing look.


    If you mention koa around guitar players, their ears will perk up in an instant. This is because many players consider koa to be the best of the best when it comes to tonewoods. This tonewood is known just as much for its looks as it is its sound, and it combines the warm mids of mahogany, the shining highs of ebony, and the thunderous bass of rosewood.

    The back, top, and sides of this guitar are all made from koa wood for a sound that is premium, and the more you play, the more complex and warm the sound will become. When Traveler Guitar was designing this instrument, they were doing so with comfort in mind.

    This is why the beveled armrest was added, which mitigates the discomfort that players will sometimes feel after they’ve been playing for a while. The body also features a scooped cutaway, which allows for unrestricted access to the upper frets.

    When you are playing on the road, the opportunity to perform could present itself at any time. With this guitar, you will always be ready to take to the stage, thanks to Redlands Concert’s onboard electronics. The guitar comes with an under-saddle pickup, as well as a custom onboard preamp that creates a lovely acoustic tone.

    The preamp has controls for presence and three-band EQ so that you can shape the tone to your desires and preferences. The best part is that this guitar also has an onboard tuner, so you won’t have to worry about keeping a digital one in your bag, which often ends up consuming valuable space.

    This is one of the best guitars for worship because of its versatility and comfort.


    • Very comfortable for traveling players
    • Stable and secure neck feel
    • Beveled armrests for added comfort
    • Gig bag included
    • Powerful onboard electronics


    • Price is on the higher side

    Ibanez AEWC32FM

    This guitar from Ibanez was beautifully designed with fantastic tonewoods and fine appointments that can normally only be found on instruments that are more expensive. It features a flamed maple top and a back and sides that are made with Sapele. This guitar delivers a tone that is full and balanced, and it offers great projection.


    This is the perfect addition to any guitar collection. It has a flashy color and features a unique look that is sure to grab anyone’s attention. However, this isn’t a guitar that you should just pick up for its looks.

    It is a great performance instrument, as well. It provides a tone that is full while still maintaining balance, and the projection that this guitar provides is something to behold. Sure, it looks great, but where this guitar shines is when you’re cranking out those chords on stage during worship.

    The thinner body depth of this guitar makes it more comfortable when playing, also making it perfect for long hours of practice or performance. Not only is the smaller design of the body lighter, but it also keeps away that boomy feedback that some guitars suffer from. The soft Florentine cutaway offers access up the neck that is totally effortless, all the way to the 17th fret.

    This guitar is truly a fantastic choice for both beginners and intermediate guitarists alike, and you will feel more than comfortable when performing with it on stage in front of your church crowd. Once again, there’s something to be said about the look of this guitar. You really won’t find another instrument like it.


    • Smooth nyatoh neck
    • Fingerboard is easy to play
    • Smaller, comfortable body design
    • Lightweight and portable – perfect for traveling worship
    • Unique visual appeal – very attractive


    • May not be suitable for beginners

    Final Verdict

    As we mentioned earlier, the acoustic guitar is an essential part of any worship band or ensemble, which is why it is important to pick a good one to bring with you on stage or around the campfire. We hope that you’ll be able to find that perfect guitar in one of the instruments we mentioned on this list.

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